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Medi-Cal Qualification

Made up of various programs, each with its own requirements and regulations as modified and/or clarified by periodic All County Welfare Director’s Letters, qualifying for most of California’s Medi-Cal services can be a daunting and overwhelming process.  The attorneys and staff at Harris & Plottel, LLP have decades of experience representing clients in the Medi-Cal application and qualification process.  In most cases, we will work on your behalf to prepare and submit the application, respond to the requests and demands of the eligibility worker and ensure that a proper eligibility determination is made in a timely manner.  In those cases where an  eligibility determination has been wrongfully decided, we are available to represent you throughout the administrative fair hearing process.  Harris & Plottel, LLP can navigate the entire process for you so you can focus your time to care for your loved one.  One mistake in eligibility can cost you months of nursing home care.  Let the expertise of Harris & Plottel, LLP work for you.

Medi-Cal Recovery

At the death of a recipient of Medi-Cal benefits or his or her spouse, whichever last occurs, the State of California has the right to seek reimbursement or recovery for Medi-Cal benefits paid.  Such recovery is governed by a complex maze of rules, regulations, and case law.  While avoiding recovery through proper long term care planning is one of our primary objectives, we also represent the beneficiaries of a Medi-Cal recipient throughout the entire recovery process – from proper death notification to final settlement and release.  If you have received a Medi-Cal claim, contact us immediately.